Bike Parking Solutions for Universities & Colleges

Campus life with its frequent, short journey times and often high-density environments, has long been ideal for active travel opportunities. Universities across the country have made steps to embrace sustainable travel initiatives, demonstrated in part by active regulations on students owning cars in university cities such as Exeter and Cambridge; the latter recognised as one of the world’s top cycling cities.

However, secure end-of-journey facilities for students in higher education can often be lacking, resulting in high theft rates which deter students from investing in bikes and adopting cycling on the whole. Well-designed, secure bike parking solutions should be regarded as an integral feature of the built environment, reducing requirements for car parking spaces, and enabling improved access to a convenient, low-cost transportation alternative for students residing on and off campus.

What Are the Main Considerations?

Identifying the available space early in the planning process, in regard to demand from students, staff, and campus visitors, is key to ensuring sufficient capacity for all users. Determining who will be using the facility, such as whether access will be restricted to students specifically, or if use will be provided to staff and campus visitors in addition, will help to ensure sufficient capacity. It can also be beneficial to integrate more spaces than initially required to meet potential increases in future demand and restrict shortcomings.

A range of bike parking solutions offer the means to meet specific user and broader project requirements for higher educational settings, and typically the following points should be considered for any project:

What Bike Parking Solutions are Available?

Bike Stands and Racks

Bike Modules and Lockers

Bike Stores and Hubs

Cycle shelter