urbanspec offers a wide variety of external works solutions well-suited for use in a range of new-build commercial settings, from science and business parks to retail centres and industrial estates. With speculative developments aiming to attract businesses through a combination of innovative design, effective space planning and placing a focus on creating sustainable and biodiverse environments, urbanspec products provide customisable bespoke options that encourage striking first impressions.

urbanspec’s extensive range of pre-engineered storage products are configurable to meet specific project design requirements, easing the specification process and saving time on design planning with a supporting database of accurate technical data and CAD models available for download. 

Our range of storage products are factory manufactured with a 5 year warranty ensuring the durability required in commercial settings and ready availability of product lines. urbanspec products can be configured to meet site specific space planning requirements as well as offering compliance with stipulated planning conditions. Security needs are addressed with a variety of available access control systems, restricting use to site-specific users. A range of urbanspec storage units can be ordered in Secured by Design specifications, accredited by Sold Secure.