Bike Parking

Advanced manufacturing of high volume bike shelters and bike rack products enable short lead times, capacity format variations and competitive pricing. From vertical hanger to two-tier bike racks, all types are available from stock as standalone or pre-configured to maximise capacity in urbanspec stores and shelter

As sustainability strategies and urban planning evolve to reduce congestion and gridlock, the need for innovative, high-quality bike parking products is increasing. Today’s cyclists should have confidence that their bicycles will be safely stored during work or school.

Secure and well-planned bike parking facilities encourage more people to adopt sustainable forms of transport that contribute to reduced carbon emissions while promoting health and wellbeing. Providing cyclists with a designated storage area ensures that cycles are parked in an orderly manner and not causing obstruction to site users.
Offering detailed compatibility with our bike parking products, urbanspec bike shelters are produced in semi enclosed CL format, with single row CS and double row CLS both available in single level and two-tier rack formats.

Bike Parking Products