Unit 2, Watchmoor Point

Case Study Highlights

ClientUnit 2, Watchmoor Point
Main ContractorEpiphany
Scopeurbanspec H-Series Bike Hub with Green Roof

The Watchmoor Point Industrial Estate, in Surrey, is situated at the rear of the prestigious Watchmoor Business Park which is home to offices for world renowned companies such as Jägermeister and Telent.

Main contractor Epiphany was engaged to refurbish Unit 2 of the estate; the package of works included a complete strip out and structural extension of office space, cladding repairs, installation of solar panels, plant replacement and the addition of charging points for electric vehicles. The project was targeting a net zero-carbon accreditation and to achieve this, temporary solar panels were installed for power supply to the site during the refurbishment.

A cycle storage unit was specified as part of the site development, however with limited space available Epiphany needed to combine the storage for both cycles and plant equipment in a single unit without compromising the visual aesthetic of the store.

Specified by Suttonca, urbanspec designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke urbanspec H-Series Bike Hub that could house the air conditioning units and other plant equipment alongside our Semi-Vertical bike racks, that can hold up to 8 bicycles, in a 4850mm x 4350mm space. The design flexibility of the hub allows non-standard formats to be easily accommodated without compromising design aesthetics. The resulting store successfully combines both elements to a high visual standard, creating an attractive but functional unit within the allocated footprint.

urbanspec H-Series Bike Hub is the design and manufacture format for custom cycle hubs with configurable specifications for dimension, capacity, access and architectural finishes. This hub is specified with a Polyester Powder Coated frame in black and sports a heavy-duty 358 security mesh. urbanspec Semi-vertical Racks and plant equipment are secured in the unit with a Eurocylinder Lock. The overall effect complements the surrounding architecture, creating a statement store which is both functional and attractive.

The secure hub also boasts a sedum-only green roof system aiding biodiversity into the project, providing a habitat for various insects & invertebrates and helping to offset the urban landscape. The installation of a green roof system also contributes to the reduction of CO² in the air, with 1m² of green roof able to absorb up to 5kg of carbon dioxide annually. Sedum-only green roofs are drought tolerant with minimal maintenance requirements. Green roofs can be incorporated into any urbanspec H-Series Bike Hub such as this one, without the complexity of design and construction processes associated with a bespoke build. Find out more about the benefits of the green roof systems.

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