Berechurch Road Flats, Colchester

Case Study Highlights

ProjectBerechurch Road Flats, Colchester
Scopeurbanspec P-Series Bin Stores
CL Semi-Enclosed Bike Shelter

Bin and Cycle Storage for New Build Homes

As part of a new residential development on Berechurch Road in Colchester, metroSTOR have delivered a package of safe and secure outdoor storage solutions for cycle storage and communal bins.

Four urbanspec P-Series Bin Stores were installed across the site, each with the capacity to store 4 Taylor Continental bins. These 1100L metal bins have a reduced footprint in comparison to traditional plastic bins. All units were finished with apertures for both general waste and recycling, alongside clear signage for ease of use.

These bins are a great example of creating co-located waste and recycling zones, making it easy for residents to dispose of their waste and recyclables. The clear signage is key in helping to increase recycling rates amongst residents and eliminate contamination of recycling streams while also reducing overflowing bins and associated clean-up costs.

Utilising external bin storage housing such as the urbanspec PMT also helps to reduce the fire risk associated with waste disposal by removing the need for internal bins rooms or refuse chutes within buildings.

In addition to the bin housings, metroSTOR supplied four CL semi-enclosed cycle shelters. The 2095mm x 8000mm shelters provide storage for up to 20 bicycles each and are fitted with sliding security gates for added peace of mind that the bikes would be safely stored away in the various locations across the development. Each shelter was also fitted with ST bike stands fixed in the toast rack format and finished with the standard hot-dip galvanised finish, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Semi-enclosed bike shelters provide a cost-effective storage solution for a single row of cycles, the polycarbonate roof offers UV protection and weather protection as well the durable cladding ensures no damage is caused to the units through daily use or vandalism.

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