Bin Stores and Lockers

urbanspec Bin Stores and Lockers consolidate waste and recycling containers in neat housing units, secured at a safe distance from property and readily accessible for both users and refuse collection vehicles. 

Developed for new build projects across a range of sectors, with a focus on high density developments, urbanspec Bin Stores and Lockers are easy to specify, configurable for layout and capacity with project design and specification processes supported by downloadable CAD models and technical information. Our integrated design and engineering methodology enables pre-engineered and custom configurations 

A wide range of cladding and finishes can be specified enabling units to complement the overarching architectural design of a development, coordinating external storage, canopy structures and street furniture elements.

Our bin stores and lockers can be specified with green roof systems helping to support both Biodiversity Net Gain targets as well as wider objectives around the incorporation of biophilic design principles into a project; helping reduce the impacts of new development on local habitats while providing a meaningful contributing to local  health and wellbeing.