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urbanspec H-Series Bike hubs

urbanspec H-Series is one of the most configurable design platforms for outdoor storage in the world, with over 120 pre-engineered build layouts. Within each build layout there are extensive options for bike storage capacity, cladding and frame finish types, access door size and locations, access control type roof specification availability. Custom bike store dimensions and configurations from the same proven design platform are made possible with the urbanspec integrated design and engineering methodology.


External wall cladding panels are available in glass, coloured steel cassettes in plain or laser cut hole pattern design, timber slat and coated security mesh in v-form or high security twin-wire types. Frame finishes from the all-steel build follow a hot-dip galvanising process as standard with colour powder coated finishes optional.

The urbanspec H-Series roof design is used throughout the bike hub range and has been developed to accommodate the structure for both extensive and intensive lightweight green roof systems  with the complete system for waterproofing, water reservoir and growing medium integrated. 

urbanspec integrated design and engineering for access control, extends to key operated, mechanical keypad, smartphone access and fob operated locking systems that can all be accommodated within a proven steel door and frame design.  Our bike stores are available to Secured by Design specification, independently tested and certified by the Sold Secure approval body. 

H-Series Bike Hub layouts are based on either a central aisle, twin-row bike rack format, or the side aisle, single row version. Both types accommodate bike stand, semi-vertical or two-tier rack types. Space planning from the urbanspec technical team helps ensure bike storage is optimised in the available footprint, with  racks and stands available for download as CAD blocks that include the required operational space, enabling areas designated for bike parking to be scoped out accurately within the design process.

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urbanspec H-Series Bike hub model variants

  • Bike Hub

    urbanspec H-Series Bike Hubs

    urbanspec H-Series bike hubs are specified from pre-engineered build layouts to suit site specific footprints and achieve the desired bike storage capacity, with the design platform able to accommodate a variety of storage layouts including lockers, maintenance pillars and E-Bike charging points.
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  • Bike hub

    urbanspec H-Series 2-Tier Rack Bike Hubs

    urbanspec HT-Series bike hub models maximise bike storage capacity per square metre. Designed specifically to coordinate with two-tier bike racks with the same configurable platform for product features and options. Pre-engineered and custom build layouts help optimise the available footprint on site.
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urbanspec H-Series Bike Hubs Options & Specifications

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