Queen Mary University London, Mile End Campus, London

Case Study Highlights

ClientQueen Mary University London, Mile End Campus
ContractorBeardwell Construction
Architect BDP
ScopeBIKE-S Cycle Locker Module

As a Russel Group Institution, Queen Mary is recognised as one the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions; teaching and researching across a wide range of subjects including medicine, dentistry, law, science & engineering. Based in East London and with over 31,000 students and 4500 staff the site in Mile End forms one of the largest residential higher education campuses in the capital.

Queen Mary University London are keen promoters of cycling as a healthy and sustainable travel option for students and staff moving between the five campuses and around the capital. The university has also recognised how cycling can help manage stress levels amongst students and staff, develop general physical health and serve as a quick and often budget friendly form of transport.  On-site facilities have been developed over time to include shower and changing rooms, bike pump stations as well as secure storage lockers. The drive to get more people cycling is also supported by an active university cycling group, bike maintenance and security sessions as well as a range of cycling events throughout the academic year. University staff are also able to take advantage of the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Looking to build on existing facilities, a study was undertaken by the University to assess existing cycle usage across university grounds and prepare for an anticipated uplift in cycle commuting as a result of the pandemic and a desire to move away from crowded public transport in the capital. The study revealed there was still a degree of adhoc cycle parking around key buildings even while student numbers were lower as a result of the pandemic.  Following from the study a strategy was developed to create an improved cycle parking framework, providing secure, accessible and attractive parking facilities. The strategy sought to deliver across a number of key areas:

1. Ensuring adequate facilities were available for those already cycling
2. Reducing cycle theft through appropriate secure storage for bikes
3. Encouraging greater numbers of people, and a more diverse range of people, to choose cycling as a viable transport option
4. Encouraging inclusive cycling
5. Reducing obstruction and nuisance caused by ad hoc parking across the university
6. Relocating under-utilised cycle parking
7. Encouraging more children and older people to cycle

Central to delivering an upgraded cycle parking framework for students and staff, was the investment in additional secure cycle parking across key locations. This was to be achieved through a range of short stay parking options as well as secure and enclosed parking units. As part of the ambitious development scheme, main contractor Beardwell Construction specified 16 BIKE-S Street 6 modules, each securing 6 cycles. The units were installed in key locations across the university’s sites, providing 96 additional secure cycle parking spaces.

Each of the 16 BIKE-S modules occupies a footprint of 2100mm x 2100mm and features Firenze™ Anthracite heavy gauge steel slotted vision panels to ensure a consistent line of sight and help aid personal security. Stepped locking trays are used to secure each bike and access control is provided by a locinox mechanical keypad, avoiding the need for users to carry keys. Vertical graphics panels are displayed on each unit and colour coordinated for different zones around the university campus.

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