Commercial & Industrial Bin Storage Housings & Enclosed Bin Screens

Bin Storage Buildings for Commercial & Industrial Parks

With commercial and industrial developments often aiming to attract new businesses from start-up to well-established companies through an efficient combination of innovative design, effective space planning and sustainability, practical waste management and effective storage solutions are primary considerations, helping to improve the visual environment and encourage positive first impressions.

In new build developments, there exists an opportunity to integrate these systems early in the design and planning process. To provide optimum functionality for the storage and concealment of waste and recycling systems, bin stores & bin screens are required to be robust, secure, and able to facilitate the logistical needs of businesses across a number of sectors.

Requirements for Setting

Commercial environments and industrial sites are often demanding environments, strategically located with heavy footfall and set over several acres of land to accommodate multiple buildings. Poorly designed bin stores & bin screens can result in waste-management systems that are unsuited to on-site needs and operations, working in detriment to create visually unpleasant environments.

Ensuring that designs are able to be configured to create uniformity and coordinate with on-site design is key from a visual perspective. Installing units within convenient distances of nearby buildings is integral to enable simple access for both users and refuse collection vehicles, while options for access control accommodated within unit designs are useful and typically sought-after features in order to restrict access to site-specific users, ensuring that waste stream capacity is efficient and kept within specific requirements.

Commercial Bin Stores & enclosures on Industrial Estate

urbanspec Solutions

urbanspec bin stores & bin screens provide an essential resource in the management of waste-streams in commercial & industrial developments. An integrated design and engineering methodology successfully combines volume manufacture with custom build proficiency, offering freedom of design and enabling easy specification with numerous options for customisation.

Providing solutions to meet fixed design and space planning stipulations, urbanspec’s single-source approach handles the design, manufacture and installation of bin stores & bin screens, ensuring that site wide design coordination is an achievable concept for commercial & industrial developments.

A substantial resource and knowledge base enables urbanspec to simplify specifications, utilising CAD models, NBS specifications and datasheets available for download. Supporting CPD programmes provide clarity on the optimal approach to aspects such as security considerations, space planning, and fire-risk guidance.

Bin Stores

Bin storage waste & recycling housings for commercial & industrial settings

Consolidating waste and recycling containers in efficient housing units, urbanspec bin stores support clearly-defined disposal and collection points for waste and recycling in urban environments, offering a clean, minimalist style and the encouragement of sustainable practice. 

The use of waste-stream specific apertures help to separate waste streams and maximise recycling opportunities. In turn, helping to reduce side waste accumulation. Specifying units as either front or rear end loading eases space planning requirements, alongside options to consolidate waste stream containers to form a bin store series.

Bin Screens

A cost-effective, design-led screening solution for waste containers with easy access for loading and removal, urbanspec bin screens are ideal for developments where visual concealment is a primary consideration.

A bolt-down, modular panel design, bin screens help to deliver a consistent design aesthetic that can be reconfigured to accommodate developing site requirements. The availability of effective locking systems can be integrated to enable access to be restricted to site-specific users, ideal for high-security developments.