Effective Bin Storage for New-build Developments

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Bin store building on new build housing development

Often, new-build developments will have the design focus primarily allocated to the building elements with landscape features and external infrastructure, such as bin storage, becoming something of an afterthought. However, these facilities are an essential feature in new-build developments, and, with the rising focus on incorporating sustainability principles as part of external works, that onus is shifting.

Finding suitable space for waste and recycling storage is vital for reducing ‘bin blight’ and improving the visual appearance of a development, and, in the case of new-builds, there is the opportunity to accommodate this in design from the outset. Effective bin storage that is durable and versatile enables the consistent management of waste-streams, helping to increase recycling success while reducing associated fire risks and the resulting impact of problematic behaviour, such as side waste.

Bin Storage Considerations

Designing communal bin storage facilities for new-build developments can be a challenging task. Available external space in residential developments is often at a premium, however, for bin storage to be effective it helps to integrate plans in the earliest stages of the design in order to restrict shortcomings in the future.

Units should be secured at an accessible distance from neighbouring buildings for both users and collection vehicles, free from obstructions and near circulation routes. Providing sufficient storage to meet capacity requirements for each user is also key, alongside encompassing a design that can adapt to future requirements.

Aspects like innovative design and open green spaces are often areas of focus with new-build residential developments. It’s therefore advantageous for effective bin storage to offer a platform to meet project design requirements in-line with these focus areas, with a view to reducing visual impact and coordinating with surrounding architecture. Ensuring the durability required from demanding urban environments is likewise integral, while restricting use to residents only may also be necessary to help address security needs.

Bin storage products are also well-suited to support green roof systems, with the potential to be incorporated into planning applications and ecological impact assessments, offering pathways to achieve BNG targets and performance requirements for BREEAM certification.

Green roof bin store on new build housing development

Bin Storage Varieties

Bin Store Buildings

With possible disconnect between design specification and fulfilment of the final product on-site, the design to delivery process for large communal bin store facilities can result in undesirable outcomes, such as project overspend.

Bin store buildings offer effective solutions to these challenges, offering a widely configurable design platform for external storage to fulfil project requirements, consolidating waste streams in a unit designed to be visually appealing and complement, rather than impact on, overall on-site design. Options for integral shelving providing additional storage space for recycling boxes and individual caddies, maximising the use of available space.

Bin Stores

Easy to specify, configurable for layout and capacity with waste stream specific apertures, bin stores are a durable, versatile bin storage solution. By enclosing wheeled bin containers and enabling user access control, bin stores can effectively enforce positive user interaction while restricting side waste issues and reducing fire risk.

In order to increase accessibility and assist in urban design and space planning, bin stores can be specified for front or rear bin loading, while units can be installed sequentially to form a bin store series of enclosures.

Bin Storage Lockers

Housing waste and recycling containers within a compact storage locker, bin lockers encompass a low profile design ideal for residential development frontages. With available space often restricted, sliding front door panels help to maintain a concise operational envelope.

urbanspec Waste & Recycling Solutions

Bin stores on new build housing development

Developed to be utilised in communal environments, urbanspec waste and recycling solutions have been developed to overcome the challenges with designing and planning effective bin storage on new-build developments. Providing solutions to meet specific design and space planning requirements, an extensive range of pre-engineered products can be specified to offer compliance with stipulated planning conditions.

Configurable design aspects like cladding and finish varieties enable coordination with the overall design elements of a development, while options for locking systems address security concerns and enable exclusive resident access to be separated from more specific access for waste collection teams. Designs are able to be specified to meet Secured by Design requirements if necessary.

Utilising an extensive resource and knowledge base, urbanspec simplifies the specification process with the use of CAD models, NBS specifications and datasheets for download. To help facilitate the design and planning process for effective bin storage, supporting CPD programmes provide clarity on the optimal approach to aspects such as security considerations, space planning, and fire-risk guidance.