Bike Parking & Storage Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Settings

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With a focus on security considerations and efficient space utilisation, establishing well-designed bike parking & storage solutions in commercial and industrial settings is key to encouraging sustainable transport alternatives, contributing to reduced carbon emissions while promoting better health and wellbeing.

With a variety of bike parking and storage products available on the market, ranging from stands and racks, to larger units like bike stores and hubs, obtaining the right knowledge and advice on key considerations is imperative to successfully accommodate specific requirements and determine the most effective solutions within commercial and industrial settings.

Key Considerations for Setting

Integrating bike parking & storage solutions in commercial & industrial settings provides cyclists with a designated storage area that helps to ensure bikes are parked in an orderly manner and therefore unable to cause obstruction to site users. Assessing who will regularly use the facility, as well as how, will determine specific capacity requirements, mode of access and what level of security it needs to provide for users. 

As a primary requirement, any bike parking & storage solution needs to be of a durable, high-quality build and able to withstand daily wear and tear. Periodic maintenance can be a key component for ensuring this, while providing effective shelter against inclement weather should be strongly considered to encourage use and ensure optimum protection for stored bikes. Providing appropriate lighting fixtures might also be a requirement to assist with access during non-daylight hours, in addition to aiding bike theft prevention by providing visibility over the designated storage area.

Consider whether the design should prioritise security over visual appeal. Effective designs should coordinate with on-site design and integrate well with their surroundings to reduce visual impact, while installing units in a prominent position and within convenient distances of nearby buildings will help to enable ease of access for users. Options for access control accommodated within unit designs are also highly useful and often sought after to restrict access to site-specific users and offer overall peace of mind.

Bike racks

Bike Parking & Storage Solutions

Bike Stands, Racks and Shelters

Available as standalone installations or configured to maximise capacity in bike stores and hubs, as well as providing cover from inclement weather, bike stands, racks and shelters enable short lead times, variations on capacity format, and cost-effective pricing.

Bike Stores

Bike Hubs

Bike Modules and Lockers

The urbanspec Approach

Offering an extensive product line that spans bike stands, racks, shelters, lockers, stores and hub buildings, bike parking and storage solutions from urbanspec utilise an integrated design and engineering methodology that combines volume manufacture with custom build capability. 

Cycle parking

The prevention of bike theft is a central to urbanspec product design, with bike hubs, bike stores and bike modules able to meet Secure By Design specifications, accredited by Sold Secure. Access control options for bike stores and hubs, such as mechanical keypad and smartphone access systems, are accommodated within a high-quality steel door and frame design.

urbanspec bike parking & storage solutions enable specifiers to select multiple options for customisation with cladding and finish varieties, making site wide design coordination and single source procurement a realistic achievement for commercial and industrial settings. 

A substantial resource and knowledge base enables urbanspec to simplify specifications, utilising CAD models, NBS specifications and datasheets available for download. Supporting CPD programmes provide clarity on the optimal approach to aspects such as security considerations and effective space planning.