How to use a two-tier bike rack

Two-tier bike racks are an optimal solution for establishing bike parking for high-density developments and are commonly specified on communal bike storage projects where the available footprint represents a significant constraint.

Two-tier racks are immensely popular across Europe and will typically be provided as an addition to bike hubs, indoor bike parking facilities and bike shelters. They are seeing increased utilisation in the UK at public transport hubs, residential properties, urban office environments and educational facilities.

Invented by Dutch company Jan Kuipers in 1929. The ‘Dutch Two-tier Rack’ was the first developmental design of a two-tier rack with gas-assisted, moveable upper sections. This gas strut feature enables easier use of the rack by aiding users with the lifting of their bike onto the rack, which is particularly advantageous for those with heavier bikes or mobility restrictions.

urbanspec Two Tier Gas Assisted Lift & Lower Bike Racks are designed specifically to make lifting bikes simple and safe, allowing users to access the upper-tier of the rack with ease. 

This guide provides a simple step-by-step run-through on how to use our gas-assisted two-tier bike racks and does not apply to our manual lift or fixed two tier bike racks.

How to use the urbanspec T2 Gas-Assisted Lift Bike Rack

Step 1 – Pull out upper tier parking tray

Using the grips, pull the upper-tier of the rack towards you and lower it. The parking tray will be held in place by the gas strut.

T2 Gas-Assisted Lift Bike Rack
Two-tier Bike Rack

Step 2 – Place bike into tray

Place your bike’s wheels into the parking tray, ensuring that the front and rear wheels are held securely within the wheel stoppers. For users with mobility issues or those with heavier bikes, secure the front wheel first, then, push and slide the bike into place in order to secure the rear.

Upper tier parking tray

Step 3 – Lift upper tier tray back up

Lift the parking tray until the bike is horizontal. The gas strut will hold the weight of the bike, eliminating the possibility of the rack falling.

Upper tier bike tray

Step 4 – Push tray back into place

Push the tray back into its original position in the upper tier of the rack.

urbanspec two-tier bike rack

Step 5 – Secure bike

Make sure to lock your bike securely using an appropriate locking mechanism.

Secure two-tier bike rack

Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to operate the gas-assisted two-tier bike rack.