Secure Bike Storage for Residential Settings

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Secure external storage of bikes in residential settings is an important aspect of a development, and most will require a provision for bike parking. Planning decision notices for secure bike storage will typically include conditions for both the type and capacity of bike parking spaces required.

A lack of access to convenient, safe, and secure bike storage is one of the main barriers to cycling uptake. However, with the UK Government pushing objectives for tackling climate change and creating more sustainable and safer neighbourhoods, ensuring the adequate provision of bike parking spaces within a secure and dedicated communal facility can be considered key to encouraging residential users to cycle and establishing a focal point for sustainability.

Requirements for New-build Residential Settings

Bike parking in residential settings will typically be long-term, alongside providing appropriate cover. Aside from planning requirements, the clear driver for providing secure bike storage facilities is to restrict residents from storing bikes internally in impractical and potentially unsafe conditions. Providing an over-capacity of parking spaces through well-designed storage facilities ensures any anticipated uptake in cycling is accommodated, restricting potential shortcomings in the future.

Limitations on the available footprint for integrating bike storage is often a challenge. Determining whether the secure bike storage facility will be an internal or external installation will be informative, and where undercrofts are the designated area for installation, there will be considerations around operational height. These aspects can be challenging in high-density developments, and while there are storage solutions designed specifically for these developments, prioritising location, size, and layout considerations will help to maximise security and accessibility.

BREEAM Certification

Setting the standard for best practice in sustainable development is BREEAM. Aiming to reduce the negative impacts of construction and development on the environment, residential assessments can be applied to new construction and domestic refurbishment projects that provide multi-residential accommodation.

Bike storage is assessed in context with reference to its location and the intended user profile, however, alternative and eco-friendly transportation is a key factor in BREEAM accreditation. With 9 credits available for the transport section, 2 can be attributed to compliant bike storage.

The criteria for bike storage includes:

Options for Secure Bike Storage

Bike Stores

A highly versatile format for in-line storage, bike stores are ideal for residential settings, enabling efficient footprint utilisation to accommodate restricted space and providing crucial shelter from inclement weather. Ideal for short and long-term storage, bike stores can accommodate vertical, semi-vertical and level housing of bikes with a single-row layout with options for stand and rack types.

The potential to install units sequentially with individual door access can be specified as a fully enclosed or open-faced design, providing line of sight throughout the unit from surrounding buildings. A range of cladding materials and options for access control offer design versatility.

Bike Hubs

Bike hubs are ideal for high-density settings and are designed to accommodate the optimum number of bikes within the available footprint, providing broad capacity opportunities for a variety of bike parking formats, all within a secure covered structure.

Bike hubs offer a variety of options for access control, with enhanced security measures made possible through a strong manufacturing build to ensure bike theft opportunities are restricted, providing effective long-term storage solutions. The potential to incorporate features such as bike pumps and repair tools offer residents convenient maintenance as they leave or return home.

Bike Modules and Lockers

With a minimalist design that can coordinate or contrast with elements of the built environment as required, bike modules and lockers are an ideal solution for residential settings that require individually secure parking. With an enclosed design to provide protection from inclement weather, bikes are shielded from view to help deter bike theft opportunities.

Bike modules and lockers combine durability and style and are often installed close to surrounding buildings to enable clear lines of sight for residents. Bikes stored individually in an upright position and locked to ensure they remain stable. In settings with restricted footprints, sequential positioning can be utilised to form a series of units.

Secure Bike Storage with urbanspec

Offering a product line that covers bike modules, lockers, stores and hub buildings, secure bike storage solutions from urbanspec combine volume manufacture with custom build capability through an integrated design and engineering methodology, making site wide design coordination and single source procurement realistic for residential and new-build settings.

Access control options are accommodated within a high-quality steel door and frame design, enabling a uniform mode of access for residential settings. Central to urbanspec product design, designs can be easily configured to be Secure By Design compliant or incorporated into planning applications to achieve BREEAM performance requirements, enabling cycling facilities to be considered from the earliest stages of development.

A substantial resource and knowledge base enables urbanspec to simplify specifications, utilising CAD models, NBS specifications and datasheets available for download. Supporting CPD programmes provide clarity on the optimal approach to aspects such as security considerations and effective space planning.