Dominic Court, Dulwich

Case Study Highlights

ProjectDominic Court, Dulwich, SE London
ContractorIn-House Refurbishment
Scopeurbanspec P-Series Bin Store

urbanspec L-Series Bike Locker

Working with London-based In House Refurbishment on their project in Dulwich in South East London, urbanspec recently provided the manufacturing, delivery and on-site installation of bin and bike stores for Dominic Court, an apartment block on The Gardens with residential access to private communal green spaces.

In House Refurbishment specialise in all aspects of property service from space planning and design to complete refurbishment. urbanspec delivered external works improvements on the existing loose wheeled bins outside the property, alongside the installation of 8no. L-Series Bike Lockers to supply secure on-site bike parking for residents.

A versatile outdoor bin storage solution that effectively increases recycling rates while reducing fire risks and the accumulation of side waste, the urbanspec P-Series Bin Stores enclose 4no. 660L – 1280L 4-wheeled bins, with apertures specified as 2no. General Waste and 2no. Recycling. Installed in a frontal, streetside location on the property, the bin store delivers an enhancement on the existing bins, with specifications for ForestPanel Iroko hardwood cladding and a sedum-only green roof providing improved views from surrounding buildings by effectively blending in with the urban landscape.

In contrast, the L-Series Bike Lockers were installed to the rear of the building in Dominic Court’s private car park. With residents previously securing their bikes to railings outside the building, the new lockers offer individually secure bike parking and storage via an integral wheel channel built into the unit. With a low profile design that inhibits visual impact, the lockers are ideally suited to locations that adjoin residential properties, maximising under-utilised space and providing easy access to residents leaving the property.

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